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Ducks in a Row

Good evening readers,

Slowly but surely I am getting things back in order. I currently have 3 bolg sites, two of which are self-hosted. One of these continuously runs into errors due to being hosting on a Windows Server. I shall not make that mistake again. I am researching better ways for me to gain content, I know there are plenty of CDNs out there, and that is fine and dandy, but I would like to be a little more original.

I have come across so many sites that are well promoted, but yet basically copy their content from another site. For me this is quite frustrating, mainly because when I click a link to read an article I like to be able to read the entire article without needing to go to the orignial (full) article, instead of the shortened (in my opinion, stolen) version. The other thing that really bothers me ith a bunch of these sites nowadays is breaking up a short article into multiple pages. Not sure about the real reason for this, but my assupmtion (yeah, I know what they say about assuming) is that this is done to allow more ads to be seen by the readers.

I have gone quite a few years without running advertisments , other than those from the hosting provider, which I eliminated over time. Sadly it is time for me to start including advertisments on my self-hosted blogs, just to cover the cost of maintaining these blogs.

I am also working on setting up a schedule for my posts, as well as linking all blogs, Instagram, and other social networking platforms.


My Life at 42.

Good day everybody.

I have been maintaining this blog for quite a few years now and have never really done anything with it.  I have never attempted to be a writer, not that I am much else either. I am broken down, wore out and exhausted in pain, mental and physical.

Anyone that has perused my previous writings already knows that I have had three lumbar procedures performed in the last few years.  In 3 days time I am to attend an appointment with my neurologist to discuss my latest CT scan.  I am a bit disappointed to say the least.  Over the last few months, I have been dealing with bouts of pain ranging from my lower back and hip regions.


Edit: 06/08/2016: This post is a work in progress, and will be edited daily or so until I feel it is complete.


Peace & blessings to you all.

Another day in agony

Well so far it has been a pretty decent year.  Only two months in recovery from my latest round of back surgery. This one consisted of two incisions and procedures. The first being through my belly to perform a discectomy and place a vertebral cage with fusion material.

The second procedure was performed through the original incision, and was to replace four loose pedicle screws that were causing me severe pain.

I am still in a good amount of pain,though I am taking 20mg of oxycodone four times a day. Alongside 500mg of muscle relaxers 3 times a day.

Anyhow I was finally approved for SSI, but not my SSDI. Unfortunately this limits my income and what I can do with the funds. I will be purchasing a piece of land to call home within the year.

Photography classes are also in the works. I plan on improving my photography skills to the point that I might actually open a functioning studio and work my way off of disability.

Well this is the end of this post for now.




All Hail The Goblin King

Source: All Hail The Goblin King

Too many irons in the fire.

Alright so I seem to have way to many blogs (sites) to be able to actively keep them all up-to-date.  I have this lovely blog hosted at WordPress.com which is my end all resort because I know that if I lose all of my personal domain sites this one will still be here.  I have however, not been very active on this blog.

I have been focusing on my personally hosted and named blog titled Modern Day Drifter.

A Hard Week

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. It started off with Kim’s van not wanting to start. After doing some basic trouble-shooting, I soon found out that the fuel pump was done for.DSCF7393

Fuel pump prices are outrageous to say the least. $200 for a Ford fuel pump was the best we could do locally. The fun part about the whole project was the 14 gallons of gas still in the tank. Andrew and Austin did a great job in dropping the tank. Once it was out from under the van we siphoned the gas into 3 five gallon cans.

We had a Delphi pump picked up from the local O’Reillys, and the darned thing was cracked. It was returned, and unfortunately it was the only one they carried. So on to another auto parts store. The one we were given did not look right to me, but we prepared to install it, just to find out it didn’t fit at all.DSCF7392

After a drive to Little Rock and another broken fuel pump, we had one ordered. Once the pump finally got here it was a simple task to get it installed, and the tank strapped back to the van.

So all in all, it is a task completed. We have a great running vehicle again.

Too Many Projects

Well it’s been a little bit since I have posted an update.  I meant to come back and finish up my last post with a much better closing, but alas it just didn’t happen.

I have been researching more on my identification problem, or lack of proof of citizenship.  To acquire this proof, either a U.S. Passport or another document to prove it. With all the new laws in place, there is only one other document available that I have found and it is called the N-600, and holy crap the thing costs $600 to file.  I would love to just get a passport, had I ever known that I would run into this problem, I would have made my parents get one for me when I was younger.  Unfortunately, I cannot obtain said passport due to owing child support (which, had I been able to obtain my identification card in 2009 like I wanted I wouldn’t be so far behind), and they were no help in obtaining documents fro me to be able to work.

I just love it, the child support system is willing to put me in jail for failure to pay (this one case is all arrears, all money goes to the state, my child has never seen a dime, she was adopted 1999, but yet I’m still paying what I can), but ask them for help with the situation and be told there’s nothing they can do.  I have been having to have someone drive me almost 100 miles, every three months for the last year, to keep Arkansas OCSE from throwing me in jail and making my life even worse.  Now my other case is attempting to to the same thing. And this case is Active and the money does go to my child (I hope, though the last time I was sending her child support (before she went to the state) the money I was sending her was paying for her a laptop and her internet.

David's Spine

two xrays of my initial neurologist follow-up. 6 screws & two sets of rods

I have been unemployed since 2009 due to nerve damage in my lumbar region.  The surgery that was performed on July 30th, is supposed to help repair the damage, and get me mobile and active on my feet again, and I can not wait, however I am afraid that if OCSE throws me in jail (Debtor’s prison essentially, Unconstitutional btw) I will lose my Medicaid (thank you Obama) and then won’t be able to see my doctors regularly.  I can not afford to let my health deteriorate any more than it has already.

I want to just throw in the towel and call it quits, but I am too stubborn and want to see this ride to the bitter end, but spending felony jail time for child support will ruin any chance of me getting back to where I can pay it.  With my physical limitations there are not many jobs that I will be able to perform (that will hire a felon).

I thank the lord for the folks that are helping me right now.  If it was not for all these fine folks I would either be in jail or dead right now I am sure of it.  I know that I cannot and am doing everything to avoid ever being homeless again.

During my recovery my ADD has kicked in full bore, that mixed with depression means I’m not getting very much accomplished.  I have however, started to setup my own wiki, mainly to allow me to learn more coding, but also to help get me back on track when my brain clears up (if it ever does).

My newest endeavour is located at Saint’s Creations Projects Wiki. Feel free to come by and check it out.  And please feel free to leave me a comment here or on Saint’s Creations Facebook page.

September 10, 2014

So this little box asks “what’s on your mind?”.  Some days this is a very good question, for the most part I really don’t know what I should put.  There are so many things that are constantly on my mind .  How do I get out of this deep arse hole that I am in.   For five years, I was without identification, and it was a royal pain in the arse to finally get an Arkansas identification card, so that I might attempt to find a job.  In April of this year (2014),  I finally accomplished this with help from my grandfather and uncle in obtaining the documents necessary to do so.   Most people thought I was bull-shitting them when I told them that I kept getting denied for my birth certificate, and that even with the birth certificate I would not be able to get said identification.  The issue at hand was that I was born to an American Marine, and a Canadian citizen; apparently being the child of two countries there were certain rules in place that had to be followed.  These procedures were not followed, I am assuming that this was due to lack of knowledge of these directives.  I was never issued a Certificate of Birth Abroad (CRBA), to prove my American citizenship.

My childhood was traumatic to say the least. I was party of the Canadian court system for at least a year if not more. Honestly I can not recall 90% of my life prior to the age of 7, and even up til I was 17, most of my childhood is a blur. I spent at least 9 years dealing with therapists, and two live-in facilities. For the life of me, I can only recall a few defining moments during all of it.

Okay, so I am not the best writer on the planet, not even close. On July 30th, I had back surgery, as most that even look at this already know.  I am currently taking pain medication, muscle relaxers, stomach medicine, and honestly do not like the way they make me feel.  My mind is already a jumbled mess without this FDA approved crud, even more so once they kick in, like they have recently done.  Blah, I will attempt to come back later and complete this, or just skip it all, because I am sure no one is really interested in what a sob story, my life has been, or become, blah blah blah, you all know the drill.
Blessed be, Peace.



I am currently in observation and recovery at Baptist Health in Little Rock for a decompression laminectomy with a posterior fusion of L4 to S1. 


iv, pain pump and breathing monitor